Send a letter to Orlando Bloom!

If you are interested in sending a letter to Orli, here are some addresses:

Orlando Bloom
c/o - Artists Management Group
9465 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills
CA 90212
Orlando Bloom
c/o - ICM
Oxford House
76 Oxford Street
The UK address above requires special stamps called IRC's (International Reply Coupons), which you can learn more about below, or for more info click here.
International reply coupons (IRCs) provide foreign addressees with a prepaid means of responding to inquiries, solicitations, or other types of communications that are initiated by U.S. senders. IRCs are exchangeable for postage stamps at post offices in all foreign countries that are members of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). Each IRC is equivalent in value to the destination country's minimum postage rate for an unregistered airmail letter. The purchase price is $1.75 per coupon.

Orlando much appreciates the enormous encouragement and loyalty of his fans and is grateful for their support of his films, but his appointed Fan Team have to point out that due to huge volume of mail, no reply can be guaranteed. However, a specially printed photograph & autographed card, can be sent to a majority of fans who, with their letters of request, enclose the following:

i) a clearly addressed long envelope (minimum 22cm x 11cm) including full address with country code and country;
ii) Put appropriate UK stamps on the envelope if from UK,
iii) If from Europe, enclose two official Reply Coupons and an addressed envelope (22cmx11cm)
iv) enclose 3 official Reply Coupons if from outside Europe plus addressed envelope
v) Reply of Photographs sent cannot be guaranteed but can only have autographed stamp on them.
vi) No authentic autographs can be supplied by the Fan Team
vii) The Fan Team cannot guarantee to get any letters or gifts directly to Orlando
viii) Fans who receive answers must please promise not to write again, otherwise other fans will be prevented from receiving replies. Thank you.
ix) Limited number of charity requests considered, but not guaranteed

NB A hardworking Fan Team do their best for fans with a huge volume of mail. Fans must note that only a small proportion of the fan mail goes to OB for his consideration and appreciation. As he works extremely hard making films for fans to enjoy, he has very little spare time, as no doubt fans appreciate.

I recently (6-28-04) have been trying to send a letter to the USA address, and will post any results if I get anything back.

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