Meet Ted…

This dramatic change was the result of CROZAT Orthopedics and Orthodontics. Conventional treatment would have involved extraction of four bicuspids. In our office, treatment was accomplished NON-EXTRACTION. Ted said he couldn’t stop smiling the day his braces were removed by Dr. Brian Hockel.


Extract teeth? No way!

This was the change Dr. Hockel brought about for Rose without extracting teeth – a common treatment plan for similar patients. It involved use of conventional braces, employing “Common Sense Mechanics,” a term coined by Dr. Tom Mulligan. Notice the improvement in the “buccal corridors” (the dark corners of the smile). After orthodontics, her smile was filled better with teeth.


Meet Christina…

Here’s the amazing difference, with no braces or metal in her mouth at all, after Dr. Hockel did Christina’s orthodontics with Invisalign.

Smiles We've Changed